How Graphical Charts Add Impact to Your Business Plan

When creating your business plan for presentation to lenders, financial partners or others, financial tables and statements are essential elements. Tables that demonstrate forward-looking financial data also provide crucial information about planned growth and expectations. You expect this data to be carefully examined as your plan is under consideration. Often, however, when you initially present your business plan, there’s not time for your financial details to be studied closely. First impressions can make the difference between a business plan that gets attention immediately and one that gets shifted to the “to do someday” pile.

Graphical charts that display a summary of the data in your tables are tried and true way to give your plan immediate impact and tell your story at a glance. That’s why Palo Alto Software’s LivePlan business plan software automatically creates charts from your financial tables. You enter the data or import it from QuickBooks or Xero, and LivePlan creates the customizable charts you need, accurately and automatically. Here’s why that’s important:

  • Graphics Make an Immediate Impact – First impressions count, and lenders and financial partners need to be able to see your data quickly. A well-designed chart turns your table of data into a visual summary. Whether you’re making a presentation or someone is paging through your plan, vital information is instantly available in your chart.
  • Effective Chart Design Is Crucial – In designing a chart, layout, labels, chart type, colors and more are all important elements. If you’re not a graphical whiz, designing a chart to convey your message isn’t easy. With LivePlan, chart design is automatic, and your chart is guaranteed to tell your story.
  • Customizing Your Charts Lets You Tell Your Story Your Way – LivePlan’s automatic charts provide you with options that let you customize the chart. All you have to do is click the Edit button, and select options to make changes in layout and format. You decide which chart design best presents your information.
  • Automation Saves Time and Handles Everything – Preparing tables in a spreadsheet is common practice, but manually turning spreadsheet data into a graphical chart takes time and an eye for visual presentation. LivePlan’s automated charts are created for you and match the format you’ve chosen for your business plan. When your table is complete, your charts are ready.

Creating a business plan that tells your story with graphical impact doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and anxiety-producing job. For more information about Palo Alto Software’s Live Plan, contact the BMRG Advisory Program.

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    Thank for the articles about the LivePlan. Graphical Charts are really great way to impact your business.

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